Lopez Island

Relax, on Lopez Island, where everything slows down

Lopez Island, historically the agricultural island, is relatively flat, open and pastoral, with four County day parks and one County camping park. Islanders still wave at each passing car, and if you are attentive you’ll discover that each driver has a distinct wave, some favoring the “index-finger move up,” others an enthusiastic handful. Lopez has an area of 29.5 square miles. Population is about 2,400.


Places in Lopez Island

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Savoring the San Juan Islands this Autumn

Get away this Autumn, we invite visitors to taste the food & farm culture of Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands San Juan Islands, WA…There is no better way to feel the pulse of island culture than to experience its food, and throughout October, the “gourmet archipelago” sets the table to experience the bounty of the islands at its peak. …

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